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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between a complete windmill and a windmill head only?

Complete Windmill — includes the assembled wood stand and the assembled head.

Windmill Head Only — includes all of the metal head components including the vertical shaft, horizontal shaft, fan assembly, and rudder, but does not include any of the wood stand components.

  1. If purchasing the windmill head only, are instructions included for building the wood stand?

The windmill head includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions for building the wood stand yourself.  Included in these instructions are tool requirements, lumber requirements, and templates which can be used to make sure the angles are cut properly.

  1. How tall are the windmills?

The complete windmills, measured from the top of the fan to the bottom of the stand, are approximately 8, 10, 11, 15, and 20 feet tall.

  1. What are the measurements at the base of the windmill stands?
Windmill Footprint


8 Foot 32 x 32
10 Foot 42 x 42
11 Foot 44 x 44
15 Foot 50 x 50
20 Foot 62 x 62
  1. What is the size of the fans?
Windmill Fan Diameter


8 Foot 30
10 Foot 30
11 Foot 40
15 Foot 50
20 Foot 60
  1. What lumber is used for building the stands?

We build our windmill stands and water towers with treated yellow pine.  Our windmill heads have been used on cedar stands, painted wood stands, and metal stands, just to name a few.

The new 10 foot windmill kit comes with stained and waterproofed yellow pine.

  1. How do you anchor the windmills?

We recommend driving rebar through holes drilled in each leg at a diagonal near the base of the stand.  Additionally, you can drive an auger into the ground below the center of the stand, and connect a steel cable to the auger and to the top of the stand, placing a turn buckle in the middle so that the cable can be tightened.

  1. Does the windmill head require assembly?

For windmill heads that are shipped, assembly is required.  No additional welding or drilling on any of the head components is required.  The tools required for the head assembly are a Phillips screwdriver and pliers.  For the 20 foot windmill head, a rubber mallet and grease gun are also required.

  1. What materials are the windmill heads made of?

The windmill head components are all solid steel.  The fan blades, wire ring, and rudder are galvanized steel, and the other components are steel and painted black.

  1. What kind of bearings do you use?

The 8, 10, 11, and 15 foot windmill heads use a durable hub with sealed bearings that do not need greasing.

The 20 foot windmill head uses a heavy duty hub/bearing assembly, and is greased through the spindle and packs both the front and rear bearings simultaneously.  The dust cap has a rubber plug that can be easily removed to repack the bearings, we recommend once a year.  The same hub/bearing assembly is used at the pivot point where the vertical and horizontal shafts meet.

  1. Do the windmill heads have a brake?

The windmill heads do not have a brake, but the 20 foot model has a break in the horizontal shaft allowing it to be rotated 90 degrees parallel to the ground.  This causes the rudder to prevent the fan from facing directly into the wind.

  1. What are the options for the fan blades and rudder?

The fan blades can have vinyl red tips or can be left galvanized only.  The rudder can have a vinyl state flag of Texas or can be left galvanized only.  Neither of these options affects the price.

  1. Do you offer custom rudder designs?

At this time, we do not offer custom rudder designs.  If you would like a custom rudder, we recommend purchasing the head with the galvanized only rudder, and then taking the rudder to a local paint or vinyl shop for customization.

  1. Does the fan turn?

Yes, the fan turns and the head pivots when the wind blows.

  1. Do you have a warranty?

The windmill heads come with a one-year warranty which covers against failure and breakage caused only by manufacturing defects or parts wearing out.  The warranty does not cover against damage caused otherwise, including but not limited to 1) acts of nature, 2) the windmill falling over, 3) improper assembly, or 4) improper placement.  Any modifications to the originally manufactured head components will void the one-year warranty.  This warranty provides replacement parts only.

  1. Can these windmills be modified for pumping?

These windmills are decorative only, and are not designed to pump anything.  Any modifications to the originally manufactured head components will void the one-year warranty.

  1. Are your windmills more durable than the smaller garden windmills?

The cheap garden windmills cannot be compared to our high quality windmills.  Our windmills are made of heavy duty components and are built to last in an outdoor environment.